Design and Prototyping

I design modern user interfaces and experiences that help visualize the app’s look and function, share feedbacktest ideas and iterate easily .

Great applications are defined by a great user experience.

I take UX seriously and combine the latest design trends based on data-driven research in order to create the user experience for your mobile app or website . This approach helps create applications that are not only attractive, but functional and intuitive for the end-user while making sure your end goals are achieved.


We start by setting the goals and objectives for developing the strategy, design, content and information architecture (IA). At the research stage, I explore what your competition do well and try to come up with something at least as good

Wireframe and Design

Wireframes are the best way to visualize data quickly and efficiently. They allow effective communication and testing of workflows, navigation and structure. At design stage you will have unlimited revision.

Interactive Prototype

These prototypes give you: an overview of how your mobile app or website will function, enable us to easily share and collaborate, it often helps to identify problems from an early stage, cutting time spent on development.

Let’s make a cool design

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