Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all services, including website development and design services, (the Services) provided by NickBeuca.com to the Client, in conjunction with any relevant quotation provided to the Client by NickBeuca.com (Terms), unless otherwise agreed in writing. Acceptance of a quote, purchase and/or use of the Services shall be considered acceptance of the Terms.


Charges for the Services are defined in the project quotation that the Client receives from NickBeuca.com via email. Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days. NickBeuca.com reserves the right to alter a quotation or decline to provide the relevant Services after expiry of the 30 days.

Unless agreed otherwise with the Client, all website design services require an advance payment of a minimum of 25% of the project quotation total before the work commences. A second payment of 25% percent is required after the client review and design sign off stage, with the remaining percentage of the project quotation total due upon completion of the work, prior to upload to the server or release of materials.

The Client agrees to reimburse NickBeuca.com for any additional expenses necessary for the completion of the work. Expenses may include (but are not limited to) purchase of domain names, special fonts and stock photography.

All Charges are exclusive of VAT.

Invoicing and payment

NickBeuca.com shall submit invoices in line with the timescales above. Invoices are normally sent via email, but hard copy invoices are available on request. Payment is due on receipt of the invoice by the Client.

If the Client fails to make any payment due to NickBeuca.com by the due date for payment, then, without limiting NickBeuca.com ’s remedies under or in connection with these terms and conditions, the Client shall pay interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 4% per annum above the Bank of England’s base rate from time to time. Such interest shall accrue on a daily basis from the due date until actual payment of the overdue amount, whether before or after judgment. The Client shall pay the interest together with the overdue amount.

Accounts unpaid thirty (30) days after the date of invoice will be considered in default. If the Client in default maintains any information or files on NickBeuca.com ’s web space, NickBeuca.com will, at its discretion, remove all such material from its web space. NickBeuca.com is not responsible for any loss of data incurred due to the removal of the service. 

Client Review

NickBeuca.com will provide the Client with an opportunity to review the appearance and content of the website during the design phase and once the overall website development is completed. At the completion of the project, such materials will be deemed to be accepted and approved unless the Client notifies NickBeuca.com otherwise within ten (10) days of the date the materials are made available to the Client.

 Failure to provide required website content

NickBeuca.com is a small business, and to remain efficient we must ensure that work we have programmed is carried out at the scheduled time. On occasions we may have to reject offers for other work and enquiries to ensure that your work is completed at the time arranged.

This is why we ask that the Client provides all the required information in advance. On any occasion where progress cannot be made with the Client’s website because we have not been given the required information in the agreed time frame, and we are delayed as result, we reserve the right to impose a surcharge of up to 25% of the Charges. If the Services involve Search Engine Optimisation we need the text content for the Client’s site in advance so that the SEO can be planned and completed efficiently.


All NickBeuca.com services may be used for lawful purposes only. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless NickBeuca.com against all damages, losses and expenses arising as a result of any and all actions or claims resulting from the Client’s use of NickBeuca.com ’s service.


Design Credit and Marketing

A link to NickBeuca.com will appear in either small type or by a small graphic at the bottom of the Client’s website. If a graphic is used, it will be designed to fit in with the overall site design. If a client requests that the design credit be removed, a nominal fee of 10% of the total development charges will be applied. When total development charges are less than$5000, a fixed fee of$100 will be applied.

The Client agrees that the website developed for the Client may be presented in NickBeuca.com ’s portfolio, and hereby grants NickBeuca.com a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive licence to use its name, logo and branding for advertising, marketing and promotional activities.

Third Party Servers

NickBeuca.com designs and tests websites to work on its own servers, and cannot guarantee correct functionality if the Client wishes to use a third-party server. In the event that the Client is using a third-party server, it is the responsibility of the Client and any third party host to ensure that the server is compatible with the website. NickBeuca.com will assist the Client to configure the server if this is required. However, this may be subject to additional charges.

If the Client’s website is to be installed on a third-party server, NickBeuca.com must be granted temporary read/write access to the Client’s storage directories which must be accessible via FTP. Depending on the specific nature of the project, other resources might also need to be configured on the server.

Domain Names

NickBeuca.com may purchase domain names on behalf of the Client. Payment in relation to, and renewal of, those domain names is the responsibility of the Client. The loss, cancellation or otherwise of the domain brought about by non or late payment is not the responsibility of NickBeuca.com . The Client should keep a record of the due dates for payment to ensure that payment is received in good time.

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