Start your campaign – with no barrier

Grow your network, acquire new customers and raise investment for your business – all from one platform. Present your project to your community in a secure and mutually beneficial way and get  supporters. There is no limit to your creativity and ideas – the decentralized crowdfunding platform on the blockchain gives you absolute freedom from banks and states.

Simple setup

In just a few minutes you can create a crowdfunding project. You just need to create a description of your project, set your campaign duration and the crowdfunding target amount

Donations and Payments

Donations and payments to the crowdfunding project are done with just a few clicks from your supporters. If the project is due and the target amount is not reached, the donations are automatically returned to the supporters. If the target amount is reached, the organizer of the crowdfunding automatically receives the amount that has been raised. All is transparent and very user friendly.

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