Do more with a QR code and a smart landing page

Use the qr code on your business card or product label, transform old labels and instruction manuals into presentation pages that are easy to update, impress your visitors, gather useful data and offer a better customer experience.

Open an account, create your own page and pay only for support

Check my video below to see how to setup free templates

Sell more by using the code on labels

Users can easily see all the information regarding your product or services how to use it, place a new order fast or get in touch with you.

Run effective marketing campaigns

Test different designs and see what works best for your audience

A/B tests right in the content editor. Test easily yourself which button color or image works best and what content drives people to engage!

Custom forms

Gather emails, messages or any type of information needed

Advanced form fields to collect any type of information from your visitors. Hide and display input fields using advanced conditional logic. Style each input individually using a full range of design options.

Fast turnaround, Optimizations & Support with High Return on Investment

Past Projects

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